extension of expired prescriptions

  1. extension of expired prescriptions

    Maybe 4-5 years ago I read somewhere in the AM forums about a company that "extends" prescriptions that have expired. I recall that the company was called Wellness Medical something-or-other, but I can't find a word about it on either the AM forums or Google. I remember that I went to the company's website, so it definitely existed--they charged about $50 to have a prescription extended. If anyone can identify this company I'd appreciate it--thanks in advance.

  2. thats pretty vague bro. script for what? test, hcg, ai, hemmoroidal suppository, penis pump

  3. He said something about an extension AMBD, so he must have meant the pump??

  4. Yeah I know this is vague--because my memory is vague. Anyhow the extensions were supposed to be for prescriptions in general, if I recollect accurately.

  5. I would have to assume the company got caught doing something not entirely legal and was forced to shut down, so they deleted the thread here.
    Something in my gut just tells me that no one could legally extend my doctors prescription without seeing me in person first, especially for a controlled substance with abuse potential.
    If that were possible, consider all of the people addicted to painkillers who were either selling those prescriptions or using a 30 day dupply in 5 days who would be taking advantage of extending those scripts.



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