Canadian - Just starting TRT with my family doctor - need guidance...!

  1. Canadian - Just starting TRT with my family doctor - need guidance...!

    Hi folks,

    I just started testosterone therapy with my family doctor. He has me taking Delatestyrln 200mg every two weeks, for the first three times and then plans to do 200mg every three weeks! (states he is following a chart from a specialist...).

    He has give me no anti-Estrogen's or HCG, etc.

    I am only 32 years old male...

    Are there any Canadians on this site who can give me advice on who to go see (i live in Ontario).

    At the very least what others are using for a TRT Protocol???


  2. I am a Canadian, from Toronto. However I'm living in the US now, but I know one day I may have to return back to Toronto so this interests me. I'm also your age. It's not uncommon these days.

    I am doing shots of test every other day to keep my levels balanced. I am also taking HCG with my test shot. I used to use HCG twice per week, but had high E2, so more frequent shots of a lower dose has helped me to keep my E2 in good range. I hardly need an AI anymore.

    I used to use Arimidex as an AI but it is brutal on lipids. This concerned me so I switched to Aromasin. 15mg eod or so for me. Sometimes I stop taking it all together.

    If you want a good TRT protocol to show your Dr, do a search for DR John's whitepaper on proper administration of TRT, and the use of HCG in TRT therapy. I think there are a couple documents out there on it. It will help your Dr greatly.

    Your Dr's protocol is brutally wrong. 200mg every 3 weeks will send you on a great big rollercoaster ride with your levels all over the place. You don't want the highs and lows of his protocol. Your test is basically Testosterone Enanthate. One shot of this will raise your levels up and then drop down to ZERO after almost 2 weeks. Get him interested in a better protocol asap.

  3. I go to dr welchner in markham, he knows what hes doing. He does extensive testing every three months, twice weekly injections if estrogen is an issue. Trust me u wont be disappointed. Stay away from the guy in burlington that only measures total test. Dr welchner charges a fee but its worth every penny when a doc knows what hes doing. Pm me for more info if ya want

  4. Hey bud, thanks for the quick reply.
    I would love to chat further, i am unable to send you a PM, due to being new and not enough posts...
    Can you send me your email or online chat handle (msn, yahoo etc.)?

    I was actually thinking about going to see that guy in Burlington... hmmm...

  5. I cant pm either apparently

  6. Hey Clemenst,

    I am posting more, and will be able to finally PM you, want to talk more about Dr. Welchner!

  7. Take whatever dose of Test he is giving you and divide it up proportionally and inject IM to quads or delts via insulin syringes over that time period. That protocol eliminates ups and downs and simulates daily gel therapy.

  8. One can order 29 gauge 1/2 inch pins off the internet and also 22 gauge 1 inch to draw.
    Once you break the dosage down to 2 times a week or m,th then there will be less e2 spike and you will not have too much of a swing
    One 200 mgs of testosterone 2 days after injection you will be peaking about 1800-2000. In 2 weeks you will be going from 2000 down to 250-300 which can really cause a huge issue with brain and also e2 function.

    I have not found but one or 2 guys in Canada who knows that they are doing. Its even worse across the pond in UK. They are completely in the dark ages about HRT, thyroid and adrenal issues.

    Have you looked into what is possible causing your low T?
    Did you get dropped or fall on your head at all in your life, have a concusion, mobile accident?
    Did you have pituitary scan done
    Was your thyroid check properly.

    Some drs may be good at HRT, but do they understand adrenal and thyroid interaction.

  9. Actually, there is one man who does know. I was given his name by Dr. C (allthingsmale), who we all know. Look at the He is very in the know how.


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