Help me understand my blood test results - Low Test and Low Prolactin

  1. Help me understand my blood test results - Low Test and Low Prolactin


    I'm 35 years old, 6' tall and 190 pounds an in good health. I've always had a pretty short attention span and was diagnosed with adult add a couple of years back after finally deciding to look for answers in regards to why I've always "daydreamed" instead of staying on task. I took tons of tests at a phych's office and the results where that I very high iq score matched with one of the worst short term memory scores the doc had ever seen. He put me on 60mg adderall xr a day and suggested I have my testosterone tested for both this and my low sex drive (no ed problems though). I don't take any other drugs and am a very casual drinker (1-2 per week). Physically I'm in good shape but my problem area is definitely my mid section. The only other thing is that I've always had a medium case of gyno since puberty, that seems to have increased in the past year.

    I first had the testosterone test done around two years ago when recommended by the psych and it came back low (around 160 NG/DL). My GP recommended injections of 80mg test once per month. I took those injections very sporadically over the next year (may 3-4 times total). I never really felt a big benefit in the injections (no surprise with that low of dosage and frequency) I was taking and wasn't too sure about pumping myself full of a foreign substance regularly.

    I then go another 6-9 months only taking the adderall and no type of test. Eventually I go back to my GP and get tested again to see where my test level is now. The latest test comes back that shows I'm at 146 NG/DL. They shoot me up then with another 80mg injection. It's at this point that I decide to really investigate more, something I should have done a long time ago.

    I come across this and other forums and get a lot of helpful info on what to test and look for. Three months pass and I go in and make the requests to my doc for the tests below, which he's happy to do. We take the blood tests and send them off, he asks me to try clomid at 50/day for the next month. I start the clomid cycle and at this point now I'll be off of this later in the week. But so far I haven't really felt any effects of the clomid, neither positive nor negative.


    I definitely still have issues with motivation some days and usually feel lethargic and not well rested. Some days I also feel like I'm not there at all cognitively like I should be, or used to be. During those times it feels as if I'm in some sort of brain fog and just can't quite get out of it, kind of like an engine hitting on only 4 out of 6 cylinders. During the last several years I also feel that I've had a noticeable decline in my ability to verbalize thoughts and recall words to use in both business and normal conversations. These are words that I know and that shouldn't be difficult to remember, but I do actually know what I want to say I just can't find the right word for it - and I'm not talking about crazy difficult words or complex thoughts all the time either. This may be the most frustrating of all the things I've noticed over the past few years.

    Other issues are probably the gyno that seems to be becoming more pronounced (even though I've lost about 45 pounds in the last 3 years), and again my problem mid-section area.


    (DHEA-SULFATE) DHES 88 ug/dl out of 80-560 range

    Estradiol 14 pg/mL out of 0-39.8 range

    FSH 4.3 miu/ml out of 1-12 range

    Free Test 46L out of 47-244 pg/ml range

    Testosterone 165L out of 280-1070 ng/dl range

    LH 5.2 miu/ml out of 2-12 range

    Prolaction 2.2L out of 3-20 ng/ml range

    Progesterone 0.8 ng/ml out of 0.1-0.8 range

    Cortisol (Prednisolone) 14ug/dl out of 4-22 range in am, and 3-17 in pm

    DHEA 3.35ng/ml

    DHT Tms 84.0L out of 106.0-719.0 range


    So obviously my free test is low, but I was surprised to also see the prolaction low as well. I'd appreciate any insight or help you guys may have. I'm going to be following up with my doc later this week and I'll retest my testosterone then just to see if the clomid has done anything, even though I don't feel a benefit. He's very open to listening to me and working with me to resolve these issues, I just need to come in with plenty of knowledge about what the situation could possibly be so that I can lead him in the right direction. If I don't do this I'm scared he's just going to say try this or that and not really have a great reason for it.

    Thanks in advance for everyone's help.

  2. One word
    Get MRI checked for pitutuary issues.
    You need more data thyroid, vitamin and many other test to be looked into

    Where are you located be glad to recommend a good dr in your area,

  3. Thanks for the reply. I'm in Memphis, TN.

  4. Not to familar with drs down in that areas..

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