New Here, testosterone blood test question

  1. New Here, testosterone blood test question

    Whats up? im new here, I was hoping someone could explain to me how its possible I have low total T (178), but my free T and bioavailable T are normal, low end of normal, but normal. My SHBG is 10, I know this has something to do with it, but im not sure what. Im 28, i stopped injections to try and restart after a 9 months of injections, im hesitant to start again because if free T is normal, and bioavailable is also normal, should I be messing with TRT, or keep trying to tweak things and work more on a restart? 25mgs of clomid for 7 nights only got me to 284, if that tells you anything, had lots of blood work, but my biggest concern is just T results for right now. I read about guys with normal T but low free T, I seem to be reverse of that and i cant find much about it. Id really appreciate your input, thanks!

  2. What about if you took 25 mg of Clomid for 7 nights, and it only took your testosterone from 178(low <240) to a 284 (still sucks), does that look like primary or secondary hypogonadism?

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