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    Right now I am back to 80% where I was before all of this started over 7 years ago from an infection from poorly prepared sushi. After further investigation, It was found that the place where it was served was given several warnings from the health inspection about their preparation. This information was not made public until after there closure. I later found out that just 2 months after I was experiencing symptoms the facility was closed by the health inspection. Fast forward 7 years I am in a much better place after my long journey slipping through the medical cracks. Over those 7 years I could have had a hell of a nice down payment on a house or even 2 new nice cars. Now all of my neurological issues are resolved. My libido has been restored to that when I was 18. Strength is about 80% of what it was at prime which the average person would not even come close to. I sleep like a rock and wake up with one every morning like **** work. Sexually I can go as long (1-2 hours) or short like I want with out any issues. Socially I am more pleasant to be around then years prior, There are no more needs for afternoon naps or a caffeine from coffee in the morning to get me going. Through intensive self hypnosis and biofeed back I have retrained my HPTA to respond to stress rather then to react in "stressful" situations. This has been one of the biggest factors to get me where I am today even more then hormonal manipulation.

    Integrity of the gut is a work in progress but is getting better as time goes on. The biggest thing helping the gut heal would be reduction of all grains and going gluten, soy, and milk free. If I do have any kind of grains my body will let me know it the next day or even a few hours later. The biggest changes that have occur over past 2-3 months was using the danazol to lower shbg to the lower 30's allowed me to lower my T levels resulting in the bodies ability to use the Testosterone better. Despite what some medical professionals may say I saw my symptoms getting worse as shbg was increasing. Namley performance in gym declined dramatically, but sexually not an issue. I went back to t-3 and erfa because after 3 weeks I was starting to get hypothyroid symptoms and I was not going to screw around with trying to find the proper dosage of erfa in the process failing backwards. (if it aint broke do not fix it

    Current protocol
    50 mgs of T 2 times a week
    150 ius hcg 2 times a week - give me benefits with out having side effects
    25 mcgs t-3 12.5 mcgs BID
    2.5 grains ERFA
    50 mgs danazol daily

    maxi stress B vitamins
    magnesium TD
    zinc TD
    super digestive eyzme
    beta hcl plus
    manganese 50 mgs before bed
    Trace minerals
    vitamin D emusifed
    vitamin A emulsified
    selenum 200 mcg before bed time
    sublingual tyrosine
    Methyl b-12

    Workout supplements
    BCAAS - 10 grams
    glutamine -20 grams
    No2 mixture - 3 grams
    creatine -5 grams

    Gut repair
    1. Glutamine - 40 grams
    2. Own customized herbal combination with specific rotation schedule to kill bacteria since I can not take antibiotics with out body getting used to herbs
    3. VSL3

    Each supplement needed has a medicinal purpose and has been supported by clincal studies for using them

    Next thing going through your mind OMG it must over 500 a month for supplements.
    Actually it comes out to be about $165, but that is also including my workout supplements which I know people spend $200 months alone on protein powders and other things they take. My purpose is not to get big, but to be healthy and well.

    4 whole raw eggs organic
    4 oz yams
    1 TBSP of organic butter

    5 oz chicken
    1 serving fresh pineapple
    1 TBSP chia seeds

    6 oz red meat lean >90% fat
    2 cups green veggies

    6 oz chicken
    4 oz red potatoe

    10 egg whites
    strawberries 1 serving

    No protein shakes- I may use organic beef protein if can find it

    Top priorities
    1) gut integrity and digestion
    2) lean out to 5-6 % Bf and mainatain at 190-200 lbs 10% now.( Possible compete in bodybuilding again)
    3) Keep hormones balance - with least amounts of medicine, NO AI. If estrogen is an issue then I will drop hcg to 50 ius daily, or drop it completely
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