Need Help. Are injections better than test Gel Physically speaking??

  1. Need Help. Are injections better than test Gel Physically speaking??

    Can anyone tell me if there are any PHYSICAL advantages to using injectable Testosterone Cypionate over Testim Gel? In other words, does one aromatize more? Convert to DHT more?, bind better?, etc, etc. I know they are both Test, but I swear I read something a while back that said gels caused estrogen issues more than injections, as well as Hematocrit problems(mine is high at 54).

    I am currently using Testim, but I have switched back and forth between injections (100mg a week) and gel over this past year. I know my test levels stay more consistent on the gel, but it's a hassle in the summer, and the injections are so much easier.

    I would appreciate anyone's input. I see my doctor at the end of this month and will either stay on Gel or go back to injections' depending on what I find out here.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Anyone????

  3. MATRIX????

  4. It depends on the individual. Some people get great results from the gel and others like myself got nothing at all.

    Run your lab works after the gel and see how it works; if it doesnt then just hop in the injection train. Go subq; its easier for trt and less painfull

  5. i tried androgel and it didnt do anything for on my 3rd injection and i feel alot better now and i havent had any neg sides yet..

  6. Gels convert to DHT more than injections. I loved AndroGel and the high DHT that blew my libido through the roof. But the high DHT (3x normal levels) also caused me to start losing hair which I didn't like.

    I've found injections keep my T numbers more steady, E is stable, and DHT is back to mid normal. Unfortunately that lower DHT has set my libido back a bit but no worry, my doc has also prescribed a small amount of concentrated compounded testosterone gel I can use to get that slight DHT boost when needed. The combination is perfect for me and I'm surprised more people don't look at a slight combination of the two as each has it's own benefits.


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