Test booster question

  1. Test booster question

    Hi all,

    I want to know about the effectiveness and safety of test booster.I want to shed some weight(at least 15 kg) because i already have low test levels at 23, i gain all fat at my chest and waist.Will this stop my own test production.Please help me on this.A good fat burner+ test booster will do it for me.

  2. There is no such thing as a natural test booster that will not eventually return to baseline levels simply because the hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis acts as a switch to turn off or downregualte testosterone production to homeostasis.

    Pay attention. I did not say there are no natural substances that will not cause a temporary rise in testosterone levels. For body recomposition, you need sustained elevation of testosterone and the HPTA is always going to try to return your body to homeostasis. The only way to overcome this at this point in time is to overcome the HPTA by exogenous use of testosterone.

  3. So test boosters are placebo.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Hope View Post
    So test boosters are placebo.
    I didn't even come close to saying that.

    There are many test boosters that will boost testosterone temporarily.

    However, there will come a point, probably within 8 to 12 weeks tops (and probaly much shorter) when your HPTA will kick in due to the rise in androgens and estrogen and your body will return to its previous testosterone levels. Now you need the test booster just to maintain your previous levels.
    Once you come off, you will return to normal eventually, but while you are waiting for that to happen, your body is in an androgen deficient and estrogen imbalanced state. So anything you might have accomplished with the temporary rise in testosterone is going to be quickly reversed.
    To accomplish more permanent body recomposition, you would need very prolonged elevated levels of testosterone. Using a thermogenic to burn fat may help much more in your case. But even with that I've seen people take up to 6 months to lose significant weight with them and they gain it back when they come off. For many, fat burners are a permanent proposition.

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