Coming Off Letro

  1. Coming Off Letro

    To prevent a rebound should I go with nolva or aromasin once I finished letro.

  2. What's this for exactly? Were you on a cycle?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by nobel252 View Post
    To prevent a rebound should I go with nolva or aromasin once I finished letro.
    Probably both. I'd start the Aromasin and Nolva at the same time (normal Nolva PCT, middle dose Aromasin), then taper off the Aromasin, then taper off the Nolva after you're off the Aromasin. I'd run it like this ([DISCLAIMER] I AM NOT AN EXPERT, NOR DO I KNOW DEFINITIVELY THIS WILL WORK. I HAVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING LIKE THIS BESIDES A NORMAL PCT. ALWAYS ASK OTHERS FOR THEIR OPINION BEFORE FOLLOWING MY RECOMMENDATIONS [/DISCLAIMER]):


    The Letro, if I recall correctly, typically crushes estradiol levels 95%+ (to almost zero), so you will NEED to be protected. This way, you'll gently allow your estradiol levels to normalize while under the protection of the Nolva and repressed by the aromasin, and then taper off the Nolva to gently allow your test levels to fall to normalize with your estradiol levels. It'll probably take a while. You may be able to get away with running the Nolva for 4 weeks. I personally have never done anything like this, nor have I used Nolva (I use Toremifene for PCT), so it is purely speculation, but I really can't see four weeks being long enough to return to homeostasis after a Letro cycle. As soon as you stop the Letro, you will have a LOT of testosterone just DYING to aromatise to estrogen as soon as aromatase enzyme production increases. You will need to control this, and I think it'll probably take a little longer than a normal PCT.

  4. I agree with the above, I would run the nolva 6 weeks, I don't think 4 would be enough either.

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