Does ZMA really work???

  1. Does ZMA really work???

    I wanna try it to raise my T-level if it does work can someone post a link where I can buy it from.

  2. Gnc sells it

  3. Quote Originally Posted by tubbednova View Post
    Gnc sells it
    Can you recommend a brand

  4. Subbed for information

  5. Is this a good one it has a lot of good stuff in it I see alot of ZMA products don't have copper in them.But this one does****prod_cs

  6. Yes, but the question by the OP was does it work? What does it do?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by luclyluciano View Post
    Yes, but the question by the OP was does it work? What does it do?
    ZMA works if you are over trained and pushing into the overtraining syndrome.

    I make my own ZMA based upon what chelated is low in specific testing with the mineral which are low.
    Store bought ZMA does not work for >50% of people who try it. When I use my own home made combination.

  8. MST ZMK is a pretty good general chelated multi-mineral supplement. Nutraplanet sells it.

    Matrix - sounds good. That's one thing I've been needing to do is test my nutreval / mineral testing. Have never done this yet. Then again my diet seems to change every season.


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