Quick Question On Test Levels

  1. Quick Question On Test Levels

    Hello......New to the group.... have found it to be very helpful. I was wondering if anyone may be able to help.

    Short story Age 48. : I needed a physical (been a while since the last one). I requested blood work to check chol/tri/etc levels. Had also requesedt a test level as well.(done March 4th) Results come back. Everything looks very good. Test levels are at 474. I realize this isn't low per say, but felt that they should be higher, given my diet and amount of time working out.Also, am using info on internet as to a general rule in regards to age/levels. Called Doctor to request another blood work to find out free test and estrogen levels, etc, since the only test number was a total. Doctor granted another one with only free test being approved.(Done March 14th)
    Results come back with an increase of test to 510 and a free test result of 101.0 (ref range 35.0 - 155.0).
    My question is: Can test raise 34 points in 10 days? I don't mean to sound idiotic but a 7% increase in 10 days surprises me given that my diet and activity had not changed. Does it fluctuate that much on a day to day basis.
    Also, I realize that there is much more that needs to be determined but is the 101.0 on this scale considered a good level for my age? Free test is measured on diffrent scales. I'm not very familiar with the scale that my test results came back on.
    I have been doing much research on this topic in that I'm approching 50(quickly) and still working out hard, I'm very concerned about this topic.
    Anyone that can offer any insight to this is greatly appreciated.

  2. Testosterone fluctuates it could be 420 one day and 520 the next that's why one reading isn't correct.Stress and lack of sleep can lower Testosterone levels you should get your prolactin checked cause that lowers T too.I am 20 years old and mine was 428 ng/dl.Your level is sufficient for your age everyone doesn't have very high T levels.As long as your not in the hypogonadal range your fine considering other hormones are in place.Middle range is fine as the case with other hormones.You also didn't state your weight and height being overweight can lower your T-levels also low vitamin d.

  3. dude at 48 with test around 500 your golden, assuming you feel good overall and everything else is within range. at 40 i tested under 300 at 41 i went on trt. this is my opinion of course and im no expert but disregard the number and go on feel. for ex my levels now range like 900-1300 and i feel great. at a "norm" in the 600 range i didnt feel any different than i did at below 300. all other parameters are in range except free t above range. chol, bp, psa etc all good. only side effect ive noticed is slight acne on upper back/shoulders

  4. Thanks for the responses. I was unaware that test could change that much on a day to day basis.
    I realize that I didn't give a whole lot of info regarding my stats. For what it's worth: 6'1, 230lbs,around 20%bf Abs and intercostals are hinted at. Lower back area needs work concerning fat. So, I'm not in terrable shape. Just need to focus more on a "cutting phase". Have been more concerned with strength.
    At any rate, I appreciate the feedback.....have gained some knowledge.

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