New to body building???

  1. New to body building???

    I wanna get big and build my body can you give me some tips.I am 6'2 206 pounds I am also 20 years old.My T-level last time I checked was 428 ng/dl but I got it taken at 10:30 or 11 so it might be higher.I think it might be that low cause I neglected my health for 3 years only eating once or twice a day.And sleeping 3 hours a night also being sedentary.I regret living like that and it's still affecting me but I want to make a change and do whatever it takes to get results.Also what do i need to do and eat.I also wanna raise my T and get healthy.Cause i'm always tired and foggy headed I think it's Seasonal Affective Disorder though cause it started this winter.

  2. Being a national level body builder and trainer for over 20 year. First thing is lifestyle adjustments, not listening to non educating or non experience people on line. Ie teens telling other teens on how to properly eat online. It's not all about the food, but rather mind set, drive and making a life time commitment. I am currently undoing a
    metabolic train wreck right now from a kid who got instruction from well known online trainer. One needs to know the consequences of following the wrong advice since majority of people I deal with are from medical professionals or some idiot guru online.

    Right now you have alot of other issues to take care of before adding more stress to your current health issues. Last thing you need to focus is building muscle, but rather getting well mentally and physically.

  3. It used to be that back in the day; you went to the supermarket, bought a muscle and fitness magazine, and followed Arnold, Sergio, Lou, and the others training advice. Then you had your mom feed you 20 chicken breasts and two dozen eggs everyday, and you worked out with old rusty steel plates and a bench and rack you made in shop class.

    It worked pretty well. I sure miss those days.........

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