Am I overweight???

  1. Am I overweight???

    I am 6'1 1/2 206 pounds I have a bit of a stomach I never had one before and if I am overweight how much should I lose.I am also 20 years old.

  2. You will have to get a accurate BF percentage. I'm not fat but I'm 6' 230lbs.

  3. Like baker said, asses your BF% first, go from there
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  4. I'm 6' 2" and 225 - I think you need to quit worrying and eat a pizza!

    LOL - just kidding - when I was in High School I was 6'2" and weighed 203 - and was fat as a pig - prolly at least 25% BF. I'm at about 13% right now at 225.

    It depends on your BF % bro.

  5. Yep, we def don't fit in these standard obesity charts.

  6. dont look at the scale, look at the mirror and if you do not like your gut take some time and execise it off while eating better.

  7. First don't let it control your life!I let cause i was the fat stinking kid in high school.As for knowing set a goal say you wear a size 36 go buy a pair of 34's and set a date to fit in them.I use to weigh 250lb and out of shape almost my whole life 4yrs ago i was 240at i say 25+%bf as of today im 180lb and 11.2% i got here by trail&error doing it on my own.I learned over time it comes down to first your diet then how you train ,i just got done recovering from overtraining its not fun so plan training smart diet right (whole grains,lean meat,healthy fats,)set up a cardio plan (to lose the fat)and a lifting routine to keep and build muscle.Dont look in the mirror all the time you won't be able to tell ,do it once a week wear a belt and go by feel loose good tight time for more cardio or less food!


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