Is my pituitary gone???

  1. Is my pituitary gone???

    Damn I meant "PITUITARY TUMOR".I just got my compared mri results back and they said I have no abnormalities and everything is normal.So it seems I have no pituitary tumor the first mri was done without contrast when they found the 6mm pituitary tumor and the second was with and without contrast and they said everything was normal.Do you think the tumor is really gone or could they have made a mistake and it's still there. Procedure: MRI OF THE BRAIN WITHOUT AND WITH CONTRAST

    Comparison: MRI brain May 4,2010 at an outside facility (I do not have the report of this study.)

    Indications PItuitary microadenoma, increased lethargy,confusion,decreased libido

    Technique: A variety of imaging planes and parameters were utilized for visualization of suspected patholgy.Images were performed without and with 20 cc gadolinium contrast.

    Findings: The pituitary gland is normal in size homogenous in signal appearance.No sellar or parasellar mass is seen.The optic chiasm is not displaced.The cavernous sinus regions are unremarkable and symmetric.Within the brain,there is no mass,midline shift,bleed,or extra-axial fluid collection.There is no evidence for acute infarction.The ventricles are normal in size.The brainstem,cerebellum,and visualized sinuses are unremarkable.

    1.No Pituitary lesion is evident
    2.No Mri evidence for acute cns pathology. 3.Images from the prior study do not appear to be a dedicated study for the pituitary.There is some apparent nodularity in pituitary on those images but I feel this could easily be some form of artifact.

  2. go get another mri if its bothering you that much. i dont think anyone here can help you out

  3. That's one good thing endos are good for is ruling out pituatary issues and diabetes.
    Bro you need to take a chill pill and stop researching, find a dr u r comfortable with let them do their job and stay off the net for a few day. Do not take it wrong way but if some one told me this Years ago it would have been best piece of advice..

  4. Can someone help me understand the mri report does it say i'm o.k shouldn't a mri w/without contrast be accurate.The first one was only a regular mri.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by 4evathrowed View Post
    Can someone help me understand the mri report does it say i'm o.k shouldn't a mri w/without contrast be accurate.The first one was only a regular mri.
    Consult your GP, neurologist, urologist or radiologist. It is a simple yes or no answer.



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