Low Test and Test Replacement for IOC

  1. Low Test and Test Replacement for IOC

    Hello I'm new here hope I'm in the right section...I've been feeling totally wiped out after my squat days for the last 6 months the next day I'm totally exhausted and almost in a fog like you took benadril the night before...so anyway I had my test levels checked I'm currently 49 so they aren't what they use to be..anyway it came back at 265..Here is my issue my female Doc says they are fine for my age so I will get a second opinion I have been competing in the USAPL and AAU in powerlifting and hold numerous state records my question is can I take Androgel and pass the IOC Drug test I know the main thing are looking for is the T/E Ratio split. I'm not trying to get Super high levels or anything 500 to 750 would be great compared to where I am now..Open to any over the counter products or may be some very light levels of prop during competion season....I get tested at every competion if I fail my test I'm band for 2 years and loose lots of records which would be wiped from the books any positive input would be great!

  2. The first thing I would do if I were you is to check your morning fasting Cortisol levels on a blood test if your below 12 then you need to do a 4x's in a day Saliva test to see how your rithyum looks.

    What it sounds like to me for your age your Adrenals are over worked and when you exercise your body is not recovering.

    As for your Dr. run from her she is not up on male hormones men with levels below 400 need to be checked out to see why they are low. Here is a link to levels by age your levels are that of a man over 100 yrs. old.

    I come accross a lot of younger men that over do it in the gym and there body shuts down and stops making enough Testosterone.

    If you add it to your body and they test you they might say your using Steroids.

    What ever you do don't go on TRT until you find out why your so low.

    Here is a good link about Adrenals in this is a FAQ's I helped make it's full of info about Adrenals.

    Find a good Dr. up on TRT get the book "Testosterone: A Man's Guide" at Amazon.com in this book is help in finding a better Dr.
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