PrimaForce Cissus (20%) Bulk Powder Log

  1. PrimaForce Cissus (20%) Bulk Powder Log

    Hey all.

    Haven't read anything about Cissus in a while. I posted about it some time ago, and have finally gotten around to my bulk powder.

    I will take 1g, morning and night, starting tonight. Am not starting anything else now, so it will be a clean experiment.

    I am not going to log daily, or even weekly, lifts and whatnot. Or how I am feeling daily. It will be broader brushed, after some reflection. I figure that will be the most useful for all of us.

    Plus, I am recovering from injuries, so the mention of weight amounts and progress in that regard wouldn't be that useful. What will be useful is how my joints feel as I sustain progressively heavier and enduring lifts.

    I'm pretty excited about this stuff, having read a fair number of studies, which I linked some time ago. And here it be:

    Cissus Is the Real Deal: strengthens bones, analgesic, anti-inflam, wt loss

    Thanks and take care.
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