Oil come out after injection?

  1. Oil come out after injection?

    I injected my quad a few minutes ago and when I pulled the syringe out there was a small drop of blood. I put a gauze pad on it and applied slight pressure. When I took it off it looked like the gauze had absorbed the blood as well as something else. The guaze looked kind of like it had a blood splotch surrounded by a clear to yellowish looking substance on it. I didnt see any oil come out of my leg. Im just wondering if its possible that I pressed on the gauze a little too hard and lost some test that was absorbed into the pad from to much pressure when I applied it?

  2. This is a normal thing. Just hold the prep pad on the site for 15-30 seconds after inj and then you should be good to go.

  3. Thank for the reassurance man. I've had a little bleeding before, but am just paranoid about not getting every drop of test lol

  4. You and me both. I always pull back an extra bar on the syringe to account for the typical loss/spillage of hormone during the process.

    Also, if going into the quads, try to stretch the skin at the site a little bit between the thumb and fore-finger. Pin, inject and as soon as you pull the needle out, relase your skin so that it essentially seals itself up, if you can understand what I'm trying to say.

  5. That is Z tracking right? Im definitely going to start doing this

  6. Quote Originally Posted by TylerDurden7 View Post
    That is Z tracking right? Im definitely going to start doing this
    Nothing but a g thing buddy
    wait till you hit a blood vessel and blood spurs out 3 feet in a quick stream LOL That is always fun ...

  7. I can hardly wait lol


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