supplementation while on a test/decca cycle

  1. supplementation while on a test/decca cycle

    I am fortunate enough to have found a doctor who believes that men my age (just turned 60) should not be deprived of the benefits that androgen supplementation therapy can bring them.

    So I will shortly be embarking on a second cycle of prescribed and monitored testosterone and decca supplementation (with a prescription for tamoxifin to reduce my evident estrogen sensitivity).

    My question, then, is this: should I be thinking of taking any of the touted test increase products now on or coming to the market (D-aspartic Acid, Hard-FX, etc., and if so, which ones?

    Or will I be receiving all I need to achieve my goals (more lean muscle mass, increased strength, fat loss, improved mood) with the test/decca injections that I'll be getting?

    Conversely, will taking test increase products while on the ****tail prevent the achievement of my goals and/or have unwanted adverse side effects.

    Thanks in advance for answers to these questions.

    Jeffrey Gibson
    [email protected]

  2. Most testosterone boosting supplements would provide limited benefit except perhaps Divanex or Activate Xtreme, both which lower SHBG increasing free testosterone.

  3. HCGenerate will free up test and keep your testicles producing some test. I am on this now and it is WOW..
    Formestane will free up test and lower progesterone/prolactin and estrogen. I got me a bottle of forma stanzol..

    I highly recommend those two, it will increase the effectiveness and reduce all sides if you use.

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