what is a good endo in dallas, tx? im 21 and have done cycles in the passed stupidly and now my test sits at around 266-350 its been like that since i was around 17.

ive been to an endo but all the wants to keep doing is having me come back in month after month after month to do more blood tests and ive been doing this the past 5-6 months and all the levels always come back the same and test is ALWAYS low between 266-350 and she just wants to wait wait wait and not do anything to fix the problem, and i've even told her its been a problem for 4 years and she doesnt want to do **** but wait. i think if ive been waiting for 4 ****ing years it wont ****ing fix itself.

i need a new dr in the dallas, tx area if any of you know of any id greatly appreciate it