Possible HRT, HPTA restart issues

  1. Possible HRT, HPTA restart issues

    Quick question for those who know a lot more about this stuff than I do. I have been on hcg for the past couple of months, which as boosted my T quite a bit and I am due to get another blood test next week after increasing my dosage for the past 3 weeks. Now, according to my last blood test, both my T and my estradiol were in check.....Please avoid asking about my specific issue for this question, this is just a general question. If this were true and both my T and estradiol were in good ranges, what could be a possible reason why I am having good erections, but I STILL have no libido to match the erections and I have zero morning wood?


  2. im no expert but theres a lot more to libido and erections than just t and e. there a guy on here who basically had no test and high e and still had a raging libido. post your bw when you get it for some of the guys on here who really know their stuff. but i will tell you that even if all your bw is good that still doesnt mean you will have high libido. im on trt and have good libido but not great. but it doesnt take much to place me in the mood

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