Relief with hydrocortisone cream

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    Relief with hydrocortisone cream

    I have chronic fatigue for a whole now and all of the blood tests came back normal, even though some were borderline normal. About a month ago I had a red itchy rash on my elbow and was prescribed %1 hydrocortisone cream and while I was applying that stuff, I noticed that I wasn't as fatigued as before and my body felt rejuvenated.

    Once I stopped using it after 7 days, I feel like crap so I started using it again and felt somewhat better. Can anyone tell me what this means, I was told my cortisol levels were normal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Intellectual View Post
    Can anyone tell me what this means, I was told my cortisol levels were normal.

    'Normal' is open to interpretation. Sometimes docs will say normal as long as it falls into the recommended range - even though you may actually be pushing the limit on one side or the other. Any chance you can find out the actual values?

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