Why are Thyroid Hormones called Grains?

  1. Why are Thyroid Hormones called Grains?

    Just wondering why thyroid hormones are called grains? ive just been prescribed armour at 2 grains in the morning and im just wondering how i should take it? is it swallowed with water like you would a pill? i mean to me it looks like a pill but the fact that its called a grain im wondering if it has to be adminstered some other way? dissolving in a cup of water or under the tounge? i know its a dumb question but just making sure thanks guys.

  2. Grains are a unit of measurement (weight) but I don't know why they measure thyroid hormones that way. It is usually used to measure gunpowder and bullet weight.

  3. Grains are just an older weight measurement. One grain = 60mg (or 65 in some texts and references). Nothing is different about the tablet itself. No good reason thyroid is measured that way except that it always has been.

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