Androgel questions

  1. Androgel questions

    Hi All - I know at 25 I'm too young for HRT but I'm just looking for information.

    If a doctor puts you on androgel do they give you a cycle or is it for life? If its a cycle do they provide a pct? I've heard from some that they'll put you on it for a few months and then just cut you off and "see what happens". Not sure if this is bogus or legit.

    Assuming the androgel is life-long, if you're looking to cycle is the androgel really enough after the cycle? I know the androgel is supposed to replace your body's natural test production but I heard for some people it doesnt really work that well and they really need test cyp injections. Does anyone who does the boost-and-cruise method run a SERM alongside the androgel? I think I would err on the side of caution and run a pct even if on the androgel. Not necessarily to recover natural test production but to address estrogen related sides. Perhaps an AI instead of a SERM?

    If on androgel, will a doc put you on hCG automatically or do some doctors not even know about hCG? I mean I wouldn't be surprised if a large fraction didn't know about it but if on androgel and I request it I shouldn't have a problem, right?

    Thanks in advance all.
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  2. I was prescribed androgel about a month ago but i haven't started taking it yet (more on that in a minute). Basically my pcp told me that i would need to be on it for life, by it i mean either the gel or injection if the gel does not work. I think he could only prescribe 6 months at a time and the pharmacy will give you 1 a month. So, i would have to go in every six months to see my pcp and let him write another 6 month script.

    Now, the reason I have not started is because my wife and i are trying to start a family. Even after seeing my pcp, a general doctor, and two urologists, nobody would prescribe me hcg. Both urologists told me not to start the test and just not worry about my test levels. Not exactly what i had in mind. So I guess it just takes a doctor that really knows about hcg to even discuss prescribing it for you.

  3. interesting - im not thrilled about not taking hCG if i go on it. How old are you striad, if you dont mind me asking?

    I had a problem as a kid with, essentially, a twisted testicle. So one is pumping just fine and the other one does nothing. At 17 my test levels were ~275-325ng/dL but no doctor would even consider HRT and neither would my parents. Around age 21 I decided to mess around with AAS and, WOW, what a difference. Even if it had no affect on my body, just the improvement in my mood, etc., was so incredible.

    Anyway, I'm married now and even though I know no one has their life figured out at age 25, my wife and I don't really want kids. She's a little older than me so I don't even know how much longer the kids thing is an issue (maybe 5 more years?). I'm tired of cycling on and off illegal test just to feel normal.
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  4. You can always stop and go back to feeling the way you did before you got on it

  5. I am 26 years old. It's frustrating when the docs don't want to take the time to really help you. For me it was basically like, "here take some androgel." But what about my sprem count? "I don't know, we can test that later."

    Should also mention that i have a grade 3 varicocele, with all the things i've read about the surgery I don't know if i want to do that just yet.

  6. see a good urologist dude. one that deals with male hormones. use google.

    on a second note, NO TRT IS PERMANENT. you can come off of it anytime using a variety of PCT methods. a good Urologist specializing in TRT will know this and know how to do it. dont listen to all these "TRT Is permanent!" people. of course you will probably NEED TRT forever to feel normal but it dosnt mean u HAVE to be on it all the time.

  7. lol running any cream will fry the hair off your head in no time if you plan on using it in any noticeable amount.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by bomb402 View Post
    lol running any cream will fry the hair off your head in no time if you plan on using it in any noticeable amount.
    i could pull off a sexy bald - not too worried about the hair just want to feel normal, lol.
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