Lifting weights on TRT

  1. Lifting weights on TRT

    So this is something I have been thinking about. I would be very interested to hear all your thoughts

    I have had low test for 2-3 years. After finally being allowed to get a second & third (and complete...not just total testosterone) blood test I have been put on TRT.

    The last 3 years I have been pushing poop uphill trying to gain strength.
    Trying several programs over the years I was convinced that each program was not suited to me, so I tried a broad spectrum of programing.

    Now I am being treated, do I get a new lease on training?

    Will the programs I failed at have a better chance of competing successfully?

  2. Yep get ready for the ride. Low test kills performance, as does not sleeping, and improper diet. Enjoy ur new found youth bro!!!

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