Oral vs SL vs Topical Preg/DHEA and shutdown.

  1. Oral vs SL vs Topical Preg/DHEA and shutdown.


    So I am suffering from adrenal fatigue, lowish T (500 and free t is bottom range but still "normal"..ugh" and all the associated symptoms. My DHEA-S is about 250 last i checked and my preg was almost non existent (however accurate that may be. High saliva cortisol as well....

    I want to take DHEA and Preg as part of a complete adrenal recovery package while I work on the more upstream issues that maybe be causing this stress ( digestion, maybe lyme, chronic infection etc) and the methylation pathways.

    Would the DHEA and or Preg cause shutdown in any and all of the forms of delivery? any recommended dosage? Am I gonna need some Anti E? Would resveratrol suffice even though it has anti anabolic effects?

    I thought DHEA and preg would be safe especially because I am deficient in them but PP says that dermacrine which has both in a topical formula can cause shutdown....

    I am also supplementing with zinc and Vit d... both had low serum levels along with meditation, digestive enzymes, B vitamins, pantethine, taurine , adaptogens and mag, and BID oral T3 for subclinical hypothyroid symptoms (high ish TSH with low body temp).

    Edit: I am also 21

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  2. Try Get Diesel DTP has dhea,preg and other adrenal/test support supps

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