Nizoral 2% and ED ??

  1. Nizoral 2% and ED ??

    Hey guys, ive just bought some Nizoral 2% shampoo to try and strengthen my hair and i was wondering due to its mild dht blocking abilities is there any chance it could cause ED ??? and have you heard of anyone thats had ED due to the use of Nizoral ???

    Thanks guys Aron

  2. I don't know... but does Nizoral even work? I was looking into this also.

  3. I believe Nizoral has a localized effect so it shouldn't cause any problems like ED. I have been using it for a while and haven't noticed anything to that effect.

  4. Does it help with the hairloss? I would assume yes since you are still using it.

  5. I am just finishing a cycle of tren stacked with androhard. I have been using Nizoral 1% otc, eod. I am pretty shutdown, but definitely do not have ed. I saw signs of hair shedding on my second day but it went away immediately, and have had no problems the whole cycle. The last time I did a cycle of tren, I noticed a little hair shedding the whole cycle. And that was without the andohard. So this makes me believe that it might have helped. I also used Toco-8 the whole cycle, which could have also helped. I never have used 2%, but I would imagine that it would work even better. I just didn't find it necessary for me.

  6. Yeah, I am using the 1% as well and although it doesn't make a tremendous difference its definitely noticeable.

  7. Sorry to bump.

    Do people still use nizoral?

    Was thinking about using the 2%. It doesn't cause ED? How do you guys use it, every other day?


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