1. Wellbutrin

    My doctor wants me to try 7mg wellbutrin to raise my libido. My prolactin is slightly high, and he hopes with the increase in dopamine my prolactin will fall, and therefore my testosterone could rise

    any opinions?

  2. that is an offlabel use for it if that doesnt work maybe try a dopamine agonist per libido but i dont think it would raise test levels

  3. typo 75mg

  4. I'm pretty sure it acts as a dopamine transport blocker. Not 100% sure though.
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  5. Yea sanchez is right, I think Requip drastically lowers prolactin , but its it does not touch the PFC dopamine receptors. There might be dopamine dr due to autoreceptor activity and thus hurting executive functioning and concentration. That is consistent with the anecdotal reports I have read.



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