Testosterone too dangerous for older men – trial stopped

  1. Testosterone too dangerous for older men – trial stopped

    Of coarse they do say the average age of the participants was 74 and they were not in very good health, but still.

    Testosterone too dangerous for older men – trial stopped

    The American government, the National Institute on Aging of the National Institutes of Health to be more precise, wanted to know whether you can maintain elderly men’s condition by giving them testosterone, and therefore it financed the Testosterone in Older Men with Mobility Limitations trial.

    In the study, researchers gave the testosterone gel Testim to unhealthy men over the aged of 65 for six months. Testim is produced by Auxilium Pharmaceuticals. The men rubbed 10 g of the gel onto their bodies every day. This amount contains 100 mg testosterone. If necessary, the researchers lowered or raised the dose.

    A total of 252 men were supposed to take part in the experiment. Half would get a placebo and the other half would be given Testim. The researchers had only recruited 209 men when a committee decided to call a halt to the experiment. Too many men in the testosterone group had fallen ill

  2. The end was my favorite part:

    The men in the trial were in bad condition. Many had high blood pressure, diabetes or a cardiovascular problem. Their average age was 74. The researchers conclude that older men in this kind of condition should not use testosterone, but do not exclude its use for other groups. "Caution is warranted in extrapolating these findings to other populations, particularly young men who have hypogonadism without cardiovascular disease or limitations in mobility",

    Anyway, thanks for posting, always pays to stay informed.
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  3. I remember when my E2 was high at the start of my TRT I got a low fever, hadnt had a fever since I was a kid, so hate to imagine what testim would do to an old guy. It would inevetibly convert to high E2 so the results are of no surprise, had they given shots or a correct dose of arimidex I am sure the results would of not been conclusive. Experts my ass lol.

  4. AFter talking to testim rep the idiots never mentioned the changes in e2 during clincal trials they only wanted to show how effective there testosterone, but failed to measure other parameters whic could result in e2 going high like they did here. 10 grams testim will cause 1100 levels of TT and drive e2 to >40 not wonder why people got sick..
    I am not a medical Dr, please keep in mind that this answer is for information purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace sound medical advice from your physician or health care provider.

  5. Maybe I missed something, but the study didn't study healthy or unhealthy young men as a control group. I'm sure they were assuming that Testim was safe for the young and healthy based on previous studies, but the inclusion of that information would seem to be to be critical for this study to be relevant.



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