New to the HRT club...will I see more confidence?

  1. New to the HRT club...will I see more confidence?

    Just got my final results back today:

    Oestradiol 64pmol/L
    Testosterone 11.5 nmol/L
    SHBG 29 nmol/L
    Free Testosterone 246 pmol/L
    FAI 39.7 umol/L
    DHEAS 7.5 umol/L

    According to the results page The Free test is the major concern with a normal reading between 250-720.

    I will be starting treatment later this week. I am being put on Androgel (I have no other choice in the matter)

    Will I see more confidence?
    I know all the sites talk about improvements in nervousness, focus etc. But I was hoping there would be an increase of confidence and belief inmyself

  2. I got it in general terms ... still get a little anxiety/lack of confidence when in stressful situations but after 5 years of anti depressants I am off them and feeling more confident etc etc etc. seriously its been a god send. (I got injections tho)

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