How Long Have You Been on TRT?

  1. How Long Have You Been on TRT?

    I am curious how long everyone here has been on TRT. I've read several horror stories of people's testosterone levels going from low to high and back to low again after 2 years or so on gel. I was curious if any of you experienced this and what your dosage/levels are currently and how long you've been on TRT.


  2. not quite sure what you meanby your post. testosterone levels will peak and trough .After initial application of the gel , test will rise and a gradual decrease will follow until the next application. Thats as i see it and i compare it with my Nebido injection which lasts 11 weeks. In that time you get a peak and trough, so that levels are not consistant throughout the 11 weeks.Although the timescale of applying gel is much shorter i would have thought the rise and fall would be similar but not as profound.

    The length of treatment =5 years.

  3. Started on androgel in 2006 for a 300 test score and switched to Testim in 2009. Recently went to 100mg of test cypionate inject every five days which is the best all around so far. If your test is truly low, you're on it for life. So, enjoy the script if you have it....

  4. I've been on Testim, two tubes daily since Oct. 06. I have not had any problems since Mid 2007. My sex drive still was not as much as wifes, so I supplement with maca, helps me keep up with her.

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