Massachusetts doctors.

  1. Massachusetts doctors.

    I have a pretty serious problem that i would like to address sometime in the near future. First off let me start by saying i have had serveral problems throughout young adulthood that made me question "what was wrong with me". Namely getting sick a lot, sometimes moody and such problems attianing an erection that i didnt lose my virginity till my doctor prescribed me viagra. I started reading and asked for a full hormone panel. My test level came back in the low 300's, FSH below normal and LH below normal. Now i am technically in the "normal range" but i really think i could use some assistance. I have had my perscription for viagra (now cialis) for some time now and when the insurance doesnt cover it, its $92 out of pocket and $50 dollars if it does cover it. I get a refil of 4 pills each month. its getting awfully exepnsive and that really doesnt solve all the problems i am still having. Now i am built really well and i am afraid that a doctor is going to think that i just want testosterone to bulk but realistically i do need something to give me some help. I have done one previous cycle of test and i felt amazing i didnt get sick i woke up on time my sex life was actually fun and didnt cost me a ton of money. So all in all i guess im asking two major questions. I know that i may have complications from the use of HRT but i am already suffering complications from lack of testosterone as it is and would like to at least be average in my levels.

    Are there any good doctors recomended in the massachusetts area for this type of thing? I know to seek an endocrinologist but anyone or any hopsitals specifically?

    Secondly how much does HRT generally cost?

  2. Don't even think about this:

    See Abraham Morgentaler (a urologist) at Men's Health Boston. He takes insurance, treats low normal testosterone levels, and has been studying testosterone since he was an undergrad at Harvard. This guy is very very good. He has a book, "Testosterone for Life" that you should definitely check out. Good luck.

  3. are there any good ones at WA i have a uncle same prbolem, any good docs in WA, seattle bellevue area
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