Going to urologist in the morning, need advice?

  1. Going to urologist in the morning, need advice?

    Hi all, I am a 23 year old, healthy active male that has been having low t issues...original total t was 362 ng/dl.. Did a more complete test 4 months later, and the reason for my low t was apparent...high estrogen. My total t had gone up to 387 ng/dl but my estradiol is at 45, really high.

    What do you recommend, what can I expect, what are the corrective actions, etc?

    Thanks for any help

  2. Ok, maybe I need to be more specific....I had Prolactin, free t, FSH and LH ALSO tested...according to the nurse they were within range, although I have not seen the actual numbers yet (will tomorrow)

    I have never taken any sort of prohormonal supplements, but I do believe that all my issues started by abusing NO-Xplode, which has a bunch of stimulants in it (had panic attacks, insomnia, irregular heartbeats, etc) so I do believe that my condition is fixable without HRT.

    I would like to know the ways to decrease estradiol that I have without HRT and if any of these would stabilize my estradiol at a lower place (if my body was capable). Or, what things could be causing this high estradiol? Please give me SOME advice, I have been miserable for 3 years, zero libido, loss of erections, no morning wood, etc. What should I be telling/asking my doctor? PLEASE HELP!

  3. would really need to see the exact numbers from the tests

  4. In my opinion something else is causing the problem. If you just lower e2 it'll change back. You can use low dose aromasin or something though until you figure it out and you should feel somewhat better. Also 45 is not that high so I think your problem is something else.

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