Do you think i have low t? (labs included)

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    Do you think i have low t? (labs included)

    I've been feeling some symptoms of low T so I decided to have my testosterone levels checked by my family doctor. The findings were 88pg/ml and the reference range is 47-244. He thinks my tiredness, lack of energy and such is not a chemical imbalance because I fall in the "normal" range.
    I also had my thyroid and vitamin D levels tested and they came back normal.
    Also the blood was taking between 8-9 am. Its also important to note that I have bilateral undecended testicles that were brought down at around age
    25, and have been told that they are smaller than normal. My doctor doesnt think i need to be on HRT because of the labs, I have a follow up appointment with him later this week to discuss this further, just wanted to know you guys opinion on this.

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    You are low ish. The problem is your dr will never treat you at this level. Do not trust drs when they say you are normal, you should be in the upper 1/3rd of the range for most things. And never see an endocrinologist.
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    You do seem to be borderline. I was looking at your height and weight 5'10'' , 220. Are you super jacked or are you somewhat over weight? I bet if you got down to like 180, 185 or 190 your test. could be higher.

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