Injecting Mistake need help

  1. Injecting Mistake need help

    m doing something wrong when im injecting HCG , when i inject it a small bubble starts appearing as im injecting it and also while im injecting it its going in very hard i need to really push on the needle to get the HCG through, once im done injecting theres a hugle bubble there that sometimes burts and starts bleeding, what am i doing wrong? im using a 30 gauge btw

  2. How long is the needle?

  3. make sure no air is in slin pin, pinch belly fat about 2 inches away from belly button, stab like a dart, push plunger slowly?

    how much are you injecting?
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  4. do it IM, not problems there!

  5. make sure there is no air in the syringe, flick it to get rid of any bubbles.

    Can then push on plunger until smallest amount come out of the needle G2G no air, ive never founf this necessary tho with HCG

    Jab 1' to side of belly button 1/2' or 5/8' slinpin 30g, doesnt matter no idea why u would have to push hard, maybe the bubble, i dunno just flick dem bubbles out and shudnt be a problem

    Also there are a ton of videos on youtube, do a search
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  6. A little air bubble in the syringe wont cause any complications IMO..

  7. Quote Originally Posted by gamer2be08 View Post
    A little air bubble in the syringe wont cause any complications IMO..

    i never bother flicking the bubbles out its not IV

    dunno then
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  8. alright lets start from scratch,

    what ya got there?

    Prenyl? how many IU's and how you reconstituting it?
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  9. Im injecting novarel 500iu subQ , the thing is, whenever im injecting it into my ab fat, like i said a bubble starts appearing then i start bleeding from it hurts like hell, its weird whenever im injecting i feel like once i let go of the trigger the syringe starts pulling back on its own just like its sucking out something, very weird dont know how to fix this

  10. really weird

    sounds like ur hitting something,

    try pinching the skin and use 1/2" slin
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