testosterone blood tests + advice needed

  1. testosterone blood tests + advice needed

    Hi I'm a 27 yr old male, had bilateral varicocele which was repaired a few months ago, and I noticed a slight testosterone increase. One testicle is still smaller tho, and I suffer from gyno and excess stomach fat. I was otherwise skinny and healthy even a few years back.

    I went to visit an anti aging clinic for men. I had complete bloodwork done recently and from that based on me wanting to stay fertile he prescribed me HCG 10 000 units, inject 0.35 3 times per week. I have yet to use it before seeking 2nd opinion.

    I have a three page sheet of numbers, but I will write down the main ones as far as I can tell. The first page has blood count/cholesterol which are normal numbers. He told me my blood levels are pretty good, but he would like to see some of the other levels a little better.

    HS-CRP 2.1 mg/L
    Testosterone 25.6 8.4-28.7 nmol/L
    DHEA-S 5.4 LO 7.6-17.4 umol/L
    THYROTROPIN (SENSITIVE TSH) 1.29 0.35-5.00 mIU/L
    LUTROPIN (LH) 7 HI 2-6 IU/L
    ESTRADIOL-17 BETA 166 HI 43-151 pmol/L
    TOTAL PROLACTIN 5 2-18 ug/L
    TOTAL PSA 1.19 0.00-4.00 ug/L

    I asked him about estrogen levels and he said they are fine, but the HCG would help get rid of the excess stomach fat and gyno. I asked him about taking DIM supplements and he said he wouldn't bother with them.

    advice, opinions?

  2. I'm confussed whether your on trt already or not. Assuming you are not already, I would not get on it. Your total test. is pretty high, and your free isn't that bad, I would give you testicles more time to recovery after the surgery.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Markw82 View Post
    but the HCG would help get rid of the excess stomach fat and gyno.
    I have no idea what would make you believe this, its not true though.

    At where you are at #s wise, try getting on an aromatase inhibitor, and something to lower SHBG like perhaps nettle root.

  4. Wow, I thought for sure I was destined for TRT. I've never been on TRT. I know for a fact I don't get morning erections, once in a while I'll wake up in the very early morning and it's a nocturnal erection, but that's about it. Low energy, and a bit of libido is there, it has been a bit stronger after the surgery.

    So I should pick up nettle root, and anything else? What about DIM?

    I have also read (I think on here) that using HCG can restore testicle function and size, is it worthwhile to even do a month or so of it? I'm confused, this doc is supposed to be an expert, now I definitely am glad I'm seeking a 2nd opinion.

  5. DIM is decent as an AI, chrysin is another natural one. There are a number of non-natural ones as well.

    Really HCG as far as restoring function goes generally works best if there was suppression due to something external. But with your total test being normal, it won't do much.

  6. Oh okay, thanks for clearing that up. I don't know what this doc was thinking... I assume him being a doctor in a place that specializes in testosterone and andropause that he would really know his stuff. This is confusing.

    If you were me, what course of action would you take? What supplements and when to take them? once or twice a day, every other day, and which ones?


  7. I'd go with divanex


    Free Test


    and these 6 bromo caps


    I'd dose the free test + divanex as per label, and on the 6-bromo take 2 caps prebed.

    Even in the doctors who specialize in it, there are varied opinions. Remember that many doctors largely base their decisions and treatment plans based on what studies they've read and what they've heard at conferences. This is still a fairly new area, really only getting serious attention the last few years.

  8. Hey thanks so much. Sounds easy enough, and much better than TRT at this point in my life anyways. Hmm don't know exactly what to tell the doctor I don't see him for another couple months.

    With these supplements, how much improvements will I see in my numbers, and where will I see the improvements? When do you think I should do another blood test? Is there any dangers associated with these supplements, side effects or non reversible conditions?

    It's a wee bit expensive, but if it does the trick it's worth the quality of life improvement. What would be the minimum I could get away with?

    How would DIM supplementation compare with the ones you listed above? Also do any of the supplements lose their efficancy over time, or not work as well as once before. Do you need to take them daily and then give your body a break here and there? I don't mind taking them everyday, but I would think they might wear out or your body gets used to them?

  9. Well, DIM would be a moderate replacement for the 6-bromo, a bit weaker.

    Minimum i'd do the divanex and 6 bromo. With 2 caps a day, the 6-bromo is a month supply, so you are only talking $40 a month together.

  10. Okay that works for me, not too bad on the pocketbook. Sorry for the amount of questions, pretty much a newb to all of this. Question: How long can I stay ont he supplements, do you ever take breaks from them, or do they lose efficiancy over time? anything else I should know?

  11. I'd say the divanex is probably ok to take long term, the 6 bromo i'd probably do 6 weeks on, 4 weeks off. I'd try it for a month, and see how you feel after week 2-3.


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