Arimidex side effects

  1. Arimidex side effects

    Will arimidex cause an increase of blood pressure? Took about .25 mg yesterday and blood pressure went up nearly 15 points! Weird thing was that only the systolic went up. Dystolic was normal.

  2. Well thats intresting. Not sure why you would have to ask if you have evidence it raised your bp tho ha

  3. Curious to see if anybody else had a similar reaction.

    Not 100% sure it was the arimidex. I also took NO blackpowder yesterday and there's a lot of caffiene and stims in there. But I haven't really noticed incease Bp from that. I suppose I will have to do some experimentation to find out for sure.

  4. I would think lowering e2 would lower BP because of less water retention.

    Stims and such are likely culprits of spiked BP.

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