i am new here and hope ucan help me out.

Recently i have noticed my varicoceles are feeling less firm, softer and smaller. I have been taking something to improve circulation. Do you think varicoceles can improve without surgery?

I am hoping this would mean an increase in test levels

Also, I dont know what it is but my left testicle, the one with the varicocele changes size, sometimes it is smaller then the right on other times it appears to be the same size. Back in the day it used to be bigger then the right one but over time it has atrophied but it changes size throughout the day. First thing in the morning especially, is when its biggest, then it starts to vary throughout the day. I no longer get pain but i used to. The ultrasound revealed 2 varicoceles on left side.

Any idea what go on with the changing size?

Also i have been recommneded varicocele embolization surgery. I am thinking of going for it if my sperm tests that i sent off come back poor. Do you think the varicocele embolization would rectify my testsicle size?