Optimum timing for blood draw?

  1. Optimum timing for blood draw?

    What is the best day to draw blood for labs? I've read a couple of different opinions but can't find them. On daily transdermal T and HCG every 3rd day. Is it best to stop HCG for week and draw at end of week before daily application?

    I believe with injectable T it's stop the HCG for the week and draw the day before or same day as injection, correct? Thanks.

  2. Dont know why you would stop HCG for labs.

    Its 2-3 hours after application, between 7am and 10am.

  3. I found it...was thinking of this for IM, from Dr. Crisler's site...

    "That means drawing serum sample within six days of the IM injection, and as close to two hours (to catch the peak). Do not add in HCG to the regimen, or use it the week of the labs during IM TRT, so as to assess testosterone delivery, without clouding the picture".

    Guess that's why you would stop it.

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