Natural way to lower penile sensitivity?

  1. Natural way to lower penile sensitivity?

    After having read the other thread about lower testosterone and all that I notice how often my sex changes. Depends on my stress, alcohol consumption, tiredness, supplements, etc. I'm not going to get into terms of endowment but what could I do to lower my sensitivity down there so I dont nut after 10 minutes. When I drink or take a loritab I can rail all night but obviously I don't want to go that route and kill my liver and just because that isn't normal. I've blacked out and gave a girl "best orgasms ever" yadda yadda yadda but it doesn't mean jack because I was lit. What's available to lower that sensitive feeling?

  2. Jerk off like 2 hours before

  3. LoL that doesn't help.... I could jerk off 10 minutes prior and still be "ready to go". :-\

  4. I used to have very sensitive wee wee. I was like a 2 pump chump! Haha. It does get better with age but what really worked wonders with me was the antidepressant Lexapro. It's obviously not natural but maybe you could try 5-htp with similar results?

  5. anti depressant? i read that some people are prescribed anti anxiety meds for PE. A few companies are working on actual meds for PE though. Priligy is on human trials in Europe I think.
    Don't guys in porn inject something into their ****s?

  6. I imagine my mother in law watching us and making her usual rude comments. It works wonders ..I can last a 1/2 hour if i want.


  7. focus on your breathing in stead of being all tense.

    relax,breathe. im sure we can all make ourselves bust pretty fast if we wanted to.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Jake Fires View Post
    focus on your breathing in stead of being all tense.

    relax,breathe. im sure we can all make ourselves bust pretty fast if we wanted to.
    Think of something else when you are making love. If you wife is beautiful try to picture a unattractive woman other than your wife or a baseball game etc.

    When my son was going through puberty the Doctor in town came to give a speech. He told the kids that if they get an erection in class and want it to go away imagine playing baseball or something not sexy.


  9. Quote Originally Posted by vudoo View Post
    Don't guys in porn inject something into their ****s?
    They do it's in bigger faster stronger the documentary about steroids. Lol so funny the guy is seeing if people have moral problems with using things to make them better that aren't steroids. And he asks the pornstar and he says "well I'm a porn star so there really isn't much morals to start with." I thought it was funny I'll see if I can find that vid

  10. [nomedia=" lated"]YouTube- Bigger Stronger Faster (Part 10/11)[/nomedia]

    lol 1:09

  11. You might try Mucuna pruriens. It is reported to improve sexual behavior, libido, and performance.

    Research has shown that Mucuna Pruriens heightens arousal and increases sexual activity to a moderate extent, but also sustains it for a longer time as indicated by an increase in ejaculation latency and a decrease in post ejaculatory interval. Mucuna Prueins has shown to possess central depressant activity. The delay in ejaculation could be due to toning down of hypersensitity of genitals and hyperexcitation of the regulatory centers. The study showed that Mucuna Pruriens can be used to improve libido and delay premature ejaculation.

    For me it reduced penile sensitivty to the point I was almost unable to ejaculate. I found it undesireable for a man of my age of 56. For a younger man, it may be just the thing.

    Combine it with green tea extract for better bioavailability/proper effect. It can be found cheaply in bulk, and you might consider filling your own capsules.


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