Increasing HCG

  1. Increasing HCG

    Does increasing HCG usually have increase In testosterone going from 250iu to 400 if not up to 500?

  2. It works . I have taken Testosteron Propionate, Enathlete, tren Acetate and many other for about 5 years. I just tried HCG and also Armidex 1/4 pill per day and I am very pleased with the results.


  3. whats your dosage of HCG? your using it with Testosterone?
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    I take take HCG 5000 iu per week and divide it up so i take a shot every other day. I take about .5 of generic femara (hard to cut the pill exactly in 1/2).
    I have lost about 10 pounds of stuburn fat on my waist and the hard lumps behind my nipples (from Test injections over the years) have gone away completely. I can definately feel the HCG working. My face is not that round as it was before. If you take a large dose (HCG) once a week you can feel it working. It reminds me of Trenbolone Acetate without the mental sides. My libido is down but that is not a problem. I had a high libido and my wife would not want as much sex. Now it is about the same libido (for both of us) and she acutally inititates the love making (nice for a change).
    I also noticed that my protate enlargement has gone away. I can completely empty my bladder and do not have to go very often and I do drink a lot of water. I also take two centrum brand vitamins (on in AM and another in PM).
    I also read about possible desensitising issues but no concrete eveidence..just theory (maybe true). I used to take Tren acatate for 5 years and constanty had to increase dosage and got less and less gains till it was not worth it for me anymore. I believe your body does build up a tollerance for drugs. It is like the Drug addicts on TV. They say the first time they took the illegal drug they took little and it was the best. From that point on they take more and more and get less and less ...trying to get the feeling that they had the first time. Then they take so much they OD.
    I do not use that stuff but I think it is related to taking external suppliments.

    Oh yes. I pay about $15 for a 10,000 iu vial of HCG and the femara is about $ 7 for 20 pills (I cut them in half). Femara is less $ and it does similar as Arimedex and Aromosin. I think it is 1/3 less. I have seen conflicting studies about its effect on lipids but I have also seen studies on the other anti E hurting lipids as well. I wills tick to this and have been on this for about 2 months now.



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