sublingual testosterone?

  1. sublingual testosterone?

    I've been researching TRT for myself in the future. Before I take the plunge ,so to speak, I want to explore all options(injection, cream etc) I came across an article "New Way To Use Testosterone" at Young Does anyone have any knowledge of this method ie. mixing testosterone enanthate with vegatable oil and taking drops under the tongue.

    hhtp://YoungAgain.orgNewWayToUseTesto sterone

  2. This aproach is not very effective. For test to be well absorbed sublingually it needs to compounded with a cyclodextrine.

  3. Something similar is available called Striant. The dosages prescribed are probably not conducive to much anabolism though.

  4. There are sublingual cough drop type testosterone called "trouches".

    They are really only used for specifically quick boost, they are not for all the time use.

    Injection with Test Cyp or compounded or big pharma cream/gels are the norm and standard.

    I would stay away from trouches, they can cause E2 issues as well.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by HERCSTA View Post
    This aproach is not very effective. For test to be well absorbed sublingually it needs to compounded with a cyclodextrine.

    See this thread for more information: Sublingual Prohormone Delivery

    Joseph Pitha of the United States Department of Health and Human Services has been the pioneer of this type of sublingual research. Pitha published a study in which he used a cyclodextrin/testosterone complex on men. Pitha found that this complex containing just 10 milligrams of testosterone raised testosterone levels 900% (from normal baseline level) in one hour. On the other hand, oral testosterone at 20 times this dose (200 mgs), raised testosterone just 500% at the peak. Another study comparing a 100 mg. oral vs. a 25 mg. cyclodextrin complexed sublingual 4-androstenediol, found the sublingual version led to nearly a threefold (261% to be exact) greater increase in testosterone with one quarter of the dose (25 mgs), with the peak levels at 40 as opposed to 90 minutes [2].
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  6. I can't post a linl to this article but it says you will get 4 mgs of test per drop. So if you just did 5 drops per day, 20 mgs, you would have 120 mgs in a week which puts you in the ballpark of a starting dose for TRT. It just seems like an easy less invasive way to do it.

  7. The biggest problem with SL or buccal dosing is that the levels are not consistent. They rise quickly but also fall quickly. You would likely need to dose 3 times daily to acheive consistent levels.

  8. i know this is an old post..hope that is ok.. a dr recently gave me sublingual testo drops that are micronized.. he told me to take all of them in the am..they are strong..i am taking 10mg each am.. my second day on them i noticed a few gains at the gym.. i felt really strong..but by the 4day of taking all of it at once i felt super aggitated.. trying to find a balance.. and am a female person- so it is even trickery..any experince would be wonderful! thank you


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