FIRST POST, DOC put me on Depo 10ml

  1. FIRST POST, DOC put me on Depo 10ml

    Hi this is my first post here. I just got word from my doc that my last test levels were at 90! In November he put me on Androgel 4 squirts a day. My free levels then were only at 170 but man i did not expect the levels to lower after going on the gel! I have never did any pro hormones but i do have several bottles of various (Havoc, Tren, M-Drol, Hdrol) i have collected over the last few months and intended on doing my first cycle soon. But now i am not so sure???
    I did do a cycle of the Trifecta stack back in Janurary knowing that this was not an actual pro hormone and i felt decent on that and maybe made a pound of gains. I recently got a bug and was out of the gym for a week. Have gone back 4x since and my energy is way down. I was sick when i got my test levels done last and just found out the results today, this is when the doc said try the Depo. I am wondering if i am going to be happy with this over time or is it going to shut me down seemingly like the Andro Gel did (or could it have been the Trifecta stack?), the doc has not prescribed any support to go along with the Depo. How does this work? I have been reading the manufactures guide on the Depo site and there is no suggestions for anti estro supps or meds yet i have read enough posts on cycling here to know that these are really necessary, they must be necessary when doing actual pinning / prescribed or otherwise, no?
    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am 43 years old, workout regularly 5x a week, 16% bf, 5.11' and weigh 207. I have a new girlfriend and she is a fantastic woman. I want to keep her thinking i am fantastic too.

  2. I would get a new doctor. At a minimum he should be testing estrogen and make sure it is kept in the mid 20s. He should of also tested prostate specific antigens and put you on hcg to maintain your bodies own testosterone production. He should also be testing thyroid and adrenal levels.

    Why is every post I make telling someone to get a new dr, does every single one of them just suck? I would be very wary of this guy, mistakes can be hard to recover from.

  3. yeah, he just seems to write prescriptions. great if you know what you need, easy in and out. but agreed this is pretty serious stuff. If i can't get him to do these other tests i'll start looking for a new doc. Well maybe i'll just look for a new doc. i can't be certain that he would use the results from further testing for anything useful.
    thanks for the advice

  4. We have all been there and yes its frustrating. I am now very quick to cut off most drs and leave most after just one visit. Luckily some of the best in the country are very near me. Where do you live, maybe someone here will know a good one near you.

    this paper explains it its long but not terribly difficult to het through.

  5. hey thanks for the read spinn. I went and read the sticky up here on "finding a new doctor" and already contacted a local clinic through email. I'm in Austin TX. Hopefully they get back to me and i'll ask the questions outlined in that sticky.



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