Just switched to sub-Q TRT from IM. Will keep everyone posted

  1. Thumbs up Just switched to sub-Q TRT from IM. Will keep everyone posted

    I am a 54 year old who has been on TRT for the past 5 years. Started on test cream, switched to Androgel, and then to IM injections. Androgel increased my libido but didnt help alot working out. Never had much of a libido using IM injections but workouts were better. I have also used Hcg in the past with IM inj. I have read alot lately about Sub-Q injections and instead of listening I figured I would give it a one month trial and see for myself if I felt any better. i am doing 60mg every third day which is about the same weekly dose of my 170 mg, once a week injection. I will hope to get more stable levels, less E-2 increase with more frequent inj, and a spike in libido. I will keep everyone posted in one month with the results of my guinnea pig study! LOL. I'm hoping to have good news for all of the guys doing TRT!

  2. Ok, some of us have been doing Sub Q for years....all good. But I do shots every other day about .1mL, so that is about 70mg/week Test. That is my sweet spot. All is good.

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