Advise: Low Test between cycles

  1. Advise: Low Test between cycles

    Need some advise. After my last 3 month cycle that ended in November did pct for about 2 months, 50mg clomid while also taking 100mg tamoxifen. Was hoping to start next cycle on April 1rst. Was feeling a little depressed and weak so had doctor take a blood test. While waiting for the results I started my next cycle. Got the results back from the blood test, testosterone level was 80.

    My question is:

    Should I end this new cycle considering that it has just started, and try to fix my bodies low testosterone, or wait until it is over, or will that be too late.

    I mean has the fact that I already did a pct signs that those drugs won't help me now. Or that I already started this cycle tricked my body that it really doesn't need to restart producing testosterone. Plus if by chance I can get it corrected, then how long is long enough before I do start a new cycle.
    I have read a lot of post and information on the internet on the subject. But I guess I just need someone with experience on the subject to talk to.

  2. What did you run in your cycle?

    You would need to be completely off and run detailed bloodwork before your could get answers.

  3. I ran deca 400mg/week, sust 250/week, equipose 400mg/week and tren 200mg/week. I ran it for a little over 10 weeks.

    I have pretty much decided that I should stop the current cycle. I just am wondering if I should try the clomid and tamoxifen again. My doctor seems to think I am so low that I need to use replacement therapy. My thing is that this is the first time this has happened so I am hoping that I can correct it. My other cycles have ended and I have low testosterone levels, but they always bounce back by now.

    I think I should maybe give the clomid a go again?

  4. With a super suppressive cycle like that, hCG should have been involved. Have you typically ran cycles like that without any hCG during or post and bounced back fine? If I were you, I would do a search for 'swale's protocol' and see if that helps you. It's probably the only thing that can. Your nuts are not used to LH so you need to wake them up before the clomid can help this time.

    Yes staying on this current cycle will makes things far harder for you to return back to normal.

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