Test patch or injections - which is better for raising test levels?

  1. Test patch or injections - which is better for raising test levels?

    I am trying to find out which type of testosterone replacement therapy works best - the patch or the injection. Also, what type of testosterone works best to keep levels constant over a longer time period. I tested at 274 and want to bring my levels back to the upper third range of the 250-1100 (around 900 would be good).

  2. Are those your two choices? There are also daily transdermals and pellets. The daily application transdermals follow more of the bodys natural carcadian rythmn of testosterone. Some people don't absorb the transdermals well. Typically people with thyroid issues. Transdermals also have a tendency to raise DHT. Shots typically keep your levels high and constant. Frequent small dosing seems to be the way to go for shots.

  3. From my own personal experience I believe shots are superior to gels and other transdermals. I started on testogel as per Dr. Johns recommendation based on the natural daily rhythm they give.

    Now that I am on shots I can give a good comparison. For me the gel although giving a daily rhythm was not optimal, applying it twice a day would of been better but either way for me it converted too much to DHT and E2.

    With shots it is not converting as much to E2 or DHT and because of this I feel a lot better despite not having that daily rhythem. I wake up out of bed refreshed, I am still able to function late in the day even if I am sleepy, and being sleepy now does not mean I am also tired.

    I am surprised transdermals are the goto method for TRT, I think shots should be followed by pellets and then transdermals.

  4. Im gonna go with shots over everything. Its pure synth test straight into the muscle, what could be better than that honestly..

  5. I am going to a doctor tomorrow that works with male issues such as low testosterone. Is there a type of test that works best - cypionate, ethanate, sustanon...? and which needs to be administered less often to keep test levels even over time ( like a month)?

  6. Enanthate or cyp. You want frequent injections. You do not want a huge dose once per month or 2 per month. You want small injections once or twice a week. Frequent injections hold off unwanted side effects. Large doses put you on a hormonal rollercoaster. Feel great for 2 weeks, feel like ass for two weeks. Shoot for at least 100mg per week or 400 mg per month. Dont tell the doc how frequent you will dose. You can do small injections subcutaneous. Won't even feel it.

  7. What is subcataneous? Just beneath the skin - instead of deep in the muscle? I thought test only worked right when injected deep in the muscle. How deep under the skin then?

  8. Yes, under the skin. Test works both ways. There are quite a few guys here on the forum that have had good results injecting test subcutaneous. The only pain in the ass is getting it into the small needles. Oil does not flow that well.


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