I have two questions guys, having a little trouble finding the right anwser, maybe you guys can help,

    1: can HRT such as HCG,trt,armour,cortef,arimidex ,HGH, pass a piss test?

    2: im trying to do amateur boxing competitions, honestly guys, will someone on HRT be a disadvantage against a boxer who has naturally producing hormones? (havent started HRT yet will start next month so not sure how you guys are feeling on it, preety much what im asking is will i feel 100% like a regular athlete?)

    Thanks in advance guys!

  2. Difficult one- If the athletic commission have a policy of unnanounced drug testing , they could test you at a time when youve just had your injection/ applied gel**, Shortly after your levels of test will rise quite a bit and are likely to be at the top end of the range or even beyond. Even though this is temporary-levels will decline over weeks until the next application- it may be viewed as giving you the advantage over someone whose test is more evely balanced.On the other hand you could be tested at a time when your levels have fallen quite a bit and just prior to your next injection in which case it could be lower than your opponent.

    as for piss test carnt answer that part but id have thought a blood test to be more reliable

    **GEL IS APPLIED DAILY SO TEST LEVELS WILL BE AS NEAR AS POSSIBLE CONSITANT-however the level could be in the upper end of the range or above
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  3. If anything is over range they will spot it, even hematocrit. They will also detect HCG easily, and most associate this with anabolic steroid useage.

  4. If you have a script and can prove you're on legitimate HRT, controlled by a doctor then as long as your T levels aren't ridiculously high I don't think there will be a huge problem but obviously you need to contact the organization in charge of governance and regulations.

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