Question on Androderm Patches

  1. Question on Androderm Patches

    I'm hoping I can find the answers I need here, as I've looked everywhere else I could think of and had no luck. How does Androderm show up in drug testing? Does it show as a steroid, or because it is not a synthetic T, would it show up no differently then the testosterone naturally occurring in our bodies? The drug tests I'm referring to are those administered by probation departments, Im not sure how they compare to those given by employers, etc...

    Anyone who can help me out here, I'd appreciate it, and, depending on the answer, so might my wife

  2. Typical piss test will not test for testosterone. They typically look for THC, Cocaine, Opiates, Meth, and one other I do not recall. They are not going to spend the big money on a whiz quiz for probation. You have no worries.

  3. tom, i cannot speak for androderm,as i have never used it,but i cant testify to my exp. with syn. test and a very strict county probation testing reg. three years on various synth test ranging cyp. and eq to ph's and i was tested OFTEN, no one ever said a thing,i actually had the same concerns but i was not smart enough to ask anyone, but like punx said, i belive they have to to a specific test for it and it costs $$$ so you are probably good, just make sure you take the patch off beforw going into see your p.o.

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