Any info on Myostatin Vaccines (MRPO mediated virus')??

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    Any info on Myostatin Vaccines (MRPO mediated virus')??

    Hey, was wondering if anyone on the board here has any information regarding a Myostatin Propeptide or FLRG Virus that would permenantly shutdown Myostatin (GDF8)?

    I have been fervently looking for a method to shutdown Myostatin. I have even been contacting some commercial labs to see if they could have the Myostatin Propeptide inserted in an Adeno Associated Virus to create a permenant shutdown of MYO.

    Only thing in the supp world that is available now is this MYOT12 but not something I'm too geeked up about.

    Any info on accesability to a "vaccine" PM me. However if this lab gets back to me on the custom Vector, I will be the first to post up on how my "experiment" goes.

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