HCG stopped working

  1. HCG stopped working

    I switched to a new brand of HCG and my testosterone went way down Any reason this may have happened?

  2. What brand are and were you using?

  3. Using Noveral now () was on pregnyl

  4. Both are good brands.

  5. Argh, I suppose i'll increase my IU dosage and inject in different area.

  6. What is your dosage now?

  7. are you keeping it in the fridge? How recently did you reconstitute?

  8. I have liked Novarel the best the other brand I am not sure too much about it I have heard that is is just as good however you hear more about novarel.

  9. pregynl is working great for me. the generic I was using from a compounded pharm was not working good and I almost gave up on hcg.

  10. I was also using a generic version and didn't feel it was too effective. I have now been using Pregnly for about the last 2 months and I feel better on that. I'm having labs done within the next few weeks to see what it's really doing.

  11. I got a great deal on the generic version Oviac and wonder how it compares to the non generic brands. Is the geniec watered down ? I think I was paying $ 15 per 10,000 iu in qunatity of 15 plus $20 shipping. the name brand appears to be about $ 50 to $80 per 10,000 iu. I am thinking I got watered down stuff but would like first hand advice from forum members.



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