I got Primo from my doctor and I put half of it into a different syringe for use with a smaller needle at a smaller dose and store the rest in the original syringe it comes with.

I noticed that the plastic plunger can be unscrewed from the back rubber stopper and this gave me the idea of using the syringe like a vial, the only problem is the rubber stopper of the plunger cant be properly disinfected cause of its shape.

For anyone whos seen a Bayer Primoteston syringe I am sticking the needle in the center of the stopper so it would be difficult and possibly useless to wipe down, the plastic plunger is screwed back over it while I am storing it.

I wonder if this is a good idea or not? I would think its been mentioned before but it hasnt so just wanna make sure I am not putting myself at risk for infection or anything.