1. Question TRT IM or SUB-Q?

    I am presently on 140 mg of cyp once a week, and 250 iu's of
    HCG e3d. I have been reading quite a few posts of men doing subQ as opposed to Intramuscular injections for their testosterone injections. Do studies show a benefit to doing subQ inj. At my present dose that would put me at 40 mg of test EOD. is the test absorbed better when injected into fat as opposed to muscle? Faster meaning lower E2 elevation? Will levels b more stable and stay just as elevated as doing IM inj? Any info will b helpful so I can make a decision on if I should change to subQ.

  2. Have only done IM, but would like to know more about sub-q as well.

  3. My doctor just switched me from androgel to test cyp. Got my first IM injection in my right thigh yesterday. Its post 24 hours and I cant believe how sore the injection site is. Im wondering what gauge needles others have found to be best and any other helpfull advise to make the procedure less painfull ? Im going to be using 250 iu HCG 2x per week as well. I have seen both IM and sub-Q. Curious what others are doing and would appreciate any info on that as well.

  4. I use a 22 gauge and dont experience any soreness

  5. When I injected in thigh, it was 27g 1/2". I now use 31g 1/4" sometimes sub-q in belly fat, or in shoulder.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Philec48 View Post
    When I injected in thigh, it was 27g 1/2". I now use 31g 1/4" sometimes sub-q in belly fat, or in shoulder.
    How do you inject Test sub q without problems? I did my first injection of 1/2 CC (plan to do 100mg 2x a week) of Test Cyp sub q about 6" to the right of my naval down towards my waist line (45 dig angle from my naval) using a 5/16Ē insulin pin last Thursday. I experienced light nausea the next morning and mild flu like symptoms until Saturday morning. Our kids stayed the night w/ their cousin Friday so wifey and I had some private alone time. I took a Blue Diamond pill Friday night and I had the biggest fattest erection I ever had. I didnít expect the Test to hit that fast. Saturday morning I woke up w/ a big painful welt and goose egg at the injection site. It is still there 5 days later but it has gone down a bit. Did I accidentally hit a vein or did I fail to inject deep enough? If you are having not experiancing welting or pain injecting sub q could you please post step by step instructions on how and where you inject? Pictures? Are there any good websites that show vids or instruction on how to properly inject sub q? I have been injecting HGH sub q for 6 months. I had small itchy welts that eventually went away after the first month but nothing close to this. What size pins should I use?
    Iím afraid to inject again until Iím sure Iím doing it correctly.

  7. it comes down to the injection speed, how frequent ur muscles are pinned, how steady you keep the needle.

    You will feel some soreness, but you can help alleviate it with a heat pad for about 10 minutes, and a roller to get more circulation

    and stick with IM for the Cyp
    PM me about my peptide research findings

  8. Quote Originally Posted by GnastyMcNasty View Post
    I use a 22 gauge and dont experience any soreness

    Dudes, get lean enough to be able to do the slin pin method.
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  9. i was just put on Test cyp 1cc every 2 weeks (200mg/ml) and recieved my first injection sub-Q from my mother in law on friday (who is a RN) .....from what i have read and have been told, sub-q shots tend to have less peaks and valleys and is a more sustained release and will have less of a chance to drop off before your next injection is due. Im only 31 and have tested twice (a month apart) and test levels were around the 216 mark which is horrible for my age...and from what im told..horrible for an 80 year

    About 5 hours after my first shot....i felt energy...and feel much better and actually getting nice firm erections, and seem to get better over the next day or 2 afterwards (people say you reach peak sometimes within 24 to 48 hours of injection but could take 2 injections to start feeling maximal benefits) I tell you what, i dont know how ive been living the last probably couple of years...feeling constantly tired and not getting or being able to sustain an erection 95% of the time. All noticed that my attitude and temper have been more even lately, things that would usually throw me into a rage, now just mildly upset me, i feel more social also, ...i just feel almost like a completely new person. mental acuity seems to be coming back also....dont seem as foggy as i usually do, and since im in school....that will help immensly. except for my

    never tried IM shot....but the way i feel with my first shot not planning on doing anything but.......hope this helps

    (quick question) anyone who is on test cyp.....has anyone experienced like restless sleep? almost like your brain wont shut off? the night of the injection and the second night it seems like my brain didnt want to shut off. Is this a normal side? what should i do to try and counter it or will it subside once i get used to the test? And i need to take any sort of estrogen blockers just in case?? been trying to search for info about it but havent found much useful info and i know the people who frequent this site are pretty knowledgable.


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